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Mauritius Unveils New Regulatory Framework for Spot Commodity Market and Intermediaries

The Financial Services Commission (FSC) of Mauritius has introduced a comprehensive new regulatory framework for the spot commodity market and related intermediaries, which became effective on February 9, 2024. This amendment, detailed in the Financial Services (Amendment of Schedule) Regulation 2024, extends the scope of financial business activities to include spot commodity markets, clearing houses, brokers, and advisers, among others. The framework is designed to foster a dynamic ecosystem for spot commodity trading, with a focus on innovation through technologies like distributed ledger technology. Additionally, it supports environmentally-linked financial instruments and carbon offsets, aligning with Mauritius's commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles. The FSC has also streamlined the application process for existing licensees under this new framework, encouraging a smooth transition and adoption of the new regulations.

Check the document here:

Download PDF • 351KB


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